Indiana TRIO advocates on behalf of first generation, low income and students with disabilities that participate in Indiana TRIO programs.



The Indiana Chapter brings together administrators, counselors, advisors, and teachers who have an active interest in or who are professionally involved in broadening accessibility to and assuring success in formal post-secondary education.



Each year Indiana TRIO awards several scholarships and awards to students participating in Indiana TRIO programs and professionals serving students in a TRIO program.



Indiana TRIO projects provide services such as academic tutoring, career and college exploration, personal counseling, mentoring, financial aid/literacy guidance, and other support necessary for educational access and retention.

The Story of Indiana TRiO

Indiana TRIO, formerly known as the Indiana Mid-America Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel (I-MAEOPP), has a history of broadening accessibility to, and assuring success in a post secondary environment for low-income, first-generation students and those students with disabilities. Indiana TRIO is the state professional organization for Indiana’s TRIO projects. The organization provides professional training and community networking for the state’s TRIO professionals.

Why Support TRiO?

Americans, regardless of their background, financial status, or disability have the right to attend college – a goal too often thought unattainable for many citizens. Although the desire may have been present, the means to achieve that goal was beyond the reach of many. Indiana TRIO projects have successfully made it their mission to remove social, academic, and cultural barriers that prevent many students from entering and graduating from college. But don’t take our word for it; hear from some of the Indiana students who benefit from these programs.